Saturday, February 27, 2010

283) Sun Tzu: Art of War, 1


Sun-tzu ping-fa (Sun Tzu The Art of War) is one of those rare texts that transcends time. Though it was written more than 2,000 years ago, it is arguably still the most important work on the subject of strategy today

Written by a brilliant and experienced Chinese general named Sun Wu, The Art of War was intended only for the military elite of his time period. However, this treatise would later be absorbed by others of influence -- from the fearless samurai in feudal Japan to the shrewd business leaders of the 21st century.

The book is even more fascinating than its background. Only reading it will one see the principles are timeless and true, the words pragmatic and universally applicable to any situation that requires absolute victory. Equally important, a person can learn to avoid disasters.

Thus enter's Sun Tzu "The Art of War." Get ready to experience the most accurate and complete Sun Tzu ever presented to the public. Each sentence is to be read slowly lest one misses its full meaning. We hope you enjoy our translation as much as we enjoyed putting it together.
Atlanta, Georgia

* Introduction by
* Chapter One: Calculations
* Chapter Two: Doing Battle
* Chapter Three: Planning Attacks
* Chapter Four: Formation
* Chapter Five: Force
* Chapter Six: Weakness and Strength
* Chapter Seven: Armed Struggle
* Chapter Eight: Nine Changes
* Chapter Nine: Army Maneuvers
Chapter Nine: Army Maneuvers (continued)
* Chapter Ten: Ground Formation
* Chapter Eleven: Nine Grounds
Chapter Eleven: Nine Grounds (continued)
* Chapter Twelve: Fire Attacks
* Chapter Thirteen: Using Spies

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