Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shanghai Expo 2010 - Washington Post

World Expo 2010: Shanghai
On the world stage

A global showcase of architecture, science and technology opens May 1 in China's financial capital. Tens of millions of people are expected to visit the international exposition in Shanghai, which runs through Oct. 31.

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Letter from China
Costs and benefits

As China's largest city prepares to open the most expensive world's fair in history, the 2008 Beijing Olympics provides both a model and a cautionary tale. Perhaps mindful of the fact that many of the Beijing Olympic facilities have fallen into disuse, authorities in Shanghai have decided that almost all the World Expo pavilions will be dismantled immediately after the fair.

About the World's Fair
The first world's fair took place in London in 1851 and the expos allow people to explore the world outside of their everyday experience —- outside cultures, new scientific advancements, and new inventions.

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