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Thoughts on Economic Development, China and the West - Conference, Wuhan 11-12 )ctober 2010

SHOE: CFP--ESHET - SCHET - DEVECON conference, Wuhan 2010
Societies for the History of Economics

Call for Papers

The Centre of Economic Development Research (CEDR) at Wuhan University, China, in cooperation with the European Society for the History of Economic Thought (ESHET) and with the Society for the Chinese History of Economic Thought (SCHET) organizes a joint conference on

Thoughts on Economic Development, China and the West
11-12 October 2010, Wuhan

Chinese traditions of economic thinking are at least as old as their European counterparts, and in various periods Chinese ideas influenced economic thinking in the West, particularly in the age of physiocracy. Different strands of Western political and economic thought have, on the other hand, made a strong impact on the development of the Chinese society and economy during the 20th century, in the transition from empire to republic, in the emergence of the people's republic, and in the ongoing process of economic transformation. This conference will take stock of the development, cross-fertilization and contextual adaption of economic ideas in China and the West. The focus is set on theories about economic order and development in China. Other relevant contributions, in particular about the development of development economics and growth economics, are also welcome.

Paper proposals submitted for the conference should thus preferably address one or more of the following themes:

- Chinese Economic Thinking before the 20th Century
- Chinese Economic Thinking in the 20th Century
- Dissemination of Western Economic Ideas in China
- Dissemination of Chinese Economic Ideas in the West
- Economic Thinking in and about the Chinese Transformation Process(es)
- The Development of Development Economics and Growth Economics

Proposals of papers plus abstracts of no more than 800 words each should be submitted electronically before 31 March 2010 to Ma Ying ( ) and Hans-Michael Trautwein ( ). Applicants will be informed about a decision concerning the acceptance of their proposals before 30 April 2010. First versions of the accepted papers will have to be submitted in full by 1 August 2010. Some travel grants will be made available by the organizers.

Scientific committee: Profs. Guo Xibao, Ma Ying (CSDE), Yan Qinghua (SCHET), Harald Hagemann, Cristina Marcuzzo, Hans-Michael Trautwein (ESHET)

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